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Orlando Bloom

Real Name: Orlando Jonathan Blanchard Bloom

Nationality: British

Height: 5'11

Hair: Medium Brown

Eyes: Brown

Born: Born on January 13 1977 in Canterbury, Kent, England, UK.

Discovered: In 1995, Orlando won a scholarship to study with the British American Drama Academy. He landed an agent after his appearance in a stage production of A Walk in the Vienna Woods, and made his film debut with a small role in Wilde in 1997.

Resume: Studying what he loved, Orlando went to the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London. Just before his graduation Orlando got the part that would make him a Hollywood celebrity - the role of Lagolas in The Lord of the Rings trilogy. The trilogy was shot in New Zealand where Orlando spent over a year filming.

In 2001, Orlando moved to Los Angeles to take the many roles that were being offered to him, including Black Hawk Down, which opened just after Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.

The second installment of Lord of The Rings, The Two Towers, came out in 2002, and garnered more attention for Orlando. In 2003 Orlando continued his movie success with the release of three movies: the action-adventure, Ned Kelly, based on the Australian outlaw played by Heath Ledger; Jerry Bruckheimer's The Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, starring Johnny Depp; and the final installment of The Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.

Orlando's knack for epic films attracted him to the role of Paris in the blockbuster Troy in 2004, based on Homer's classic, The Iliad. The epic theme continued for Orlando with his starring role in Kingdom of Heaven in 2005. Orlando is sure to continue his heroic roles and is set to star in several films including in a sequel of The Pirates of the Caribbean.

Quotes: "It's all very surreal. I've had two very fantastic experiences. In Lord of the Rings and in Black Hawk Down. I feel very lucky. I'm sort of doubly excited." - Orlando Bloom.

"I'm rather accident-prone, I have to admit. I've broken my back, my ribs, my nose, both my legs, my arm, my wrist, a finger and a toe and cracked my skull three times." - Orlando Bloom

On how he got the part in Black Hawk Down: "My character breaks his back, and I had mentioned I had done that when I was up for the part. Who knows why one actor gets a job and another doesn't? I think it was just good timing that I happened to be there and I had had the experience - I mean, I was lucky." - Orlando Bloom.

Trivia: During the filming for The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, he fell off his horse and broke one of his ribs.

Chosen as one of Teen People Magazine's "25 Hottest Stars Under 25".

Originally auditioned to play the role of "Faramir" in the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy but lost out on that role and was instead asked to play the role of Legolas.

Learned to surf during the filming of the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy in New Zealand.

He won the 2002 MTV Movie Award for "Breakthrough Male."

Won the award at the 2002 Empire Awards for "Best Debut."

According to, Orlando Bloom replaced Britney Spears at the top of the website's celebrity download index in January, 2004.

Became so skilled with the bow in his training for the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy that his coach would throw plates in the air and he would hit them with one shot.

Продолжение ниже рекламного блока:

On People (USA) magazine's '50 Most Beautiful' list in 2004.

Web-site chose him as the sexiest actor in Britain.

One of People magazine's "Hottest Bachelors" in 2004.

His cousin, the photographer/director Sebastian Copeland, is Brigitte Nielsen's ex-husband.

Chosen as Teen People's #1 Hottie for the October 2004 issue.

Chosen as the sexiest male movie star by Empire Magazine. Overall he was 3rd; ahead of him were Keira Knightley (1st) and Angelina Jolie (2nd).

He used to be a vegetarian, but he had to go back to eating meat when he was filming The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.

Named as one of nine "off the charts" sexy superstars by People Magazine in 2004, along with Jake Gyllenhaal, Usher Raymond, Colin Farrell, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Bruce Willis, and Johnny Depp.

Received a great amount of "stage combat" training while at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama (as part of the drama program in conjunction with the British Academy of Stage and Theatre Combat), which helped prepare him a great deal in the characters he has choosen to play, that fight with swords, bows and knives.

Voted #1 star most women would like to kiss under the mistletoe in a poll for Sky Movies.

Has an older sister, Samantha Bloom.

Found his dog, Sidi, while filming Kingdom of Heaven.

Wears a replica of the One Ring that says "To wherever it may lead." It was given to him by one of the makeup artists on LOTR.

Is "mildly dyslexic".

Can speak French.

His first car was a dark green VW Golf that costed £160.

His first job was as a clay trapper at a pigeon shooting range when he was 13.

Supports English football team Manchester United.

He used to smoke, but quit in 2002, which started making him bite his nails instead.

Was listed as a potential nominee on the 2005 Razzie Award nominating ballot. He was suggested in the Worst Supporting Actor category for his performance in the film Troy, he failed to receive a nomination however.

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Real Name: Orlando Jonathan Blanchard Bloom
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